Twitch has banned Call of Duty: Warzone star player with the nickname DenxH from a $50 000 tournament for excessive violence. The player shot the already dead body of another player in the Gulag mission. It is not the first time that Twitch bans players for violent behavior or abusive comments. The tournament is made by Twitch and Symfuhny Showdown. The main prize is $50 000.

Since the stakes are high, players are starting to lose their nerves. This happened to a pro player DenxH who after an intense moment in Gulag shot the body of his rival with the nickname SuperEvan. After that, a chat of Evan’s team was raided by DenxH’s friends. The conversation was heated and the language broke the Terms of Service created by Twitch. The streaming portal decided to ban DenxH after all. SuperEvan declines his involvement in the argument.

Once DenxH shot the dead body on his mission he was banned almost immediately. His replacement is TranceMB. Although many Call of Duty tournaments are incredibly intense, this particular situation quickly turned the attention of the gamers community. The situation was first covered by Dexerto Intel. On Twitter the portal briefly described the situation with the DenxH ban, sharing the piece of the video from the tournament. It looks like the SuperEvan was offended by unexpected action from DenxH. He asked why DenxH shot him. This is when fans of SuperEvan decided to interfere and blame the DenxH team. Jaay, a member of the team read some insults made by SuperEvan fans. Some of them were homophobic.

Meanwhile, DenxH is complaining to the Twitch support team. He wants to go back to the game. He blames fans who could not accept the death of their favorite player.
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