Nothing is as moody as the weather. You never know if a sunny day may turn into a rainy disaster. Or if a quiet December evening may burst out in a violent snowstorm. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to alert you in advance. Our selection of those has the best of the best.


1. Weather Underground — Forecasts & Good Privacy

Weather Underground application screenshots

Price: Free with premium items

Weather Undergrounds by IBM is one of the best weather apps Android has. Its versatility is quite impressive. With the rich feature palette you can track:

  • Road visibility;
  • Ultraviolet index;
  • Humidity and dew point;
  • Detailed forecasts for your location;
  • Air temperature with its high/low peaks.

But there’s even more. If you’re a health-concerned citizen, WU will also warn you about flu outbreaks. Not to mention up-to-the-minute coverage on all threats related to COVID-19.

The app also notifies you about sunset/sunrise exact time. This might prove handy if you’re a farmer, astronomer or want to organize a romantic date colored by the crimson rays of the fading day.

2. AccuWeather — Don’t Forget Your Umbrella!

AccuWeather application screenshots

Price: Freemium

Sometimes, a winter day may look sunny at first. But when you go out, you instantly regret that you neglected that plaid scarf and a pair of mittens you have at home. AccuWeather will help you avoid such misfortunes.

The app is a champion when it comes to real feel temperature. It takes into account the wind rate, UV index, air humidity and other parameters so you won’t be freezing/sweating due to wrong clothing choices.

AccuWeather also shows allergy levels for each day. If flower pollen or trees like cottonwood or poplar make your respiratory system feel uneasy — use the app to choose the time of day to go out when the risk is minimal.

3. The Weather Channel — Rain O’Clock

The Weather Channel application screenshots

Price: Freemium

The Weather Channel is a free app for weather. And it will save you from vagaries of weather. It’s all possible thanks to the inbuilt radar that detects rain clouds, cyclones, anti-cyclones, etc.

It’s pretty good at tracking real feel, seasonal allergy threats, and pandemic outbreaks as well. Since COVID-19 has been an outrage lately, Weather Channel provides real-time alerts on the virus. It also tracks down its geographic expansion.

The only downside of The Weather Channel is its ads. At times, they can be very distracting. Especially if it’s a type of ad that blinks to grab your attention. However, $10 per year can solve the problem.

4. RadarScope — For Serious Meteorologists

RadarScope application screenshots

Price: $10-15

RadarScope is a weather app for professionals. It has access to Nexrad Level 3 and Super-Resolution radars. So, as you can see this reputation is well-deserved.

Apart from regular perks a weather utility offers, RadarScope has:

  • Tornado warnings;
  • Harsh storms detection;
  • Special maritime alerts used by coast guards and ships.

In other words, RadarScope can predict basically any calamity: from an extreme blizzard to a flood. If you live in an area impacted by severe weather conditions, this app might be a good choice. And maybe a life-saver.

Pro upgrade will also unlock for you the archived data and show tornado prognosis for the future. The upgrade includes info from NWS, but it won’t be cheap: $100 per year.

5. YoWeather — Optic Feast

YoWeather application screenshots

Price: Free with ads

You might love this app if you value reliable forecasts and great design. YoWeather delivers forecasts for 9 days in advance. It includes such parameters as cloudiness, real feel, air humidity and atmospheric pressure.

If you press your finger and swipe, you can change the time of day. Weather parameters will also smoothly adjust depending on the hour. To come back to the present moment simply tap the Now button.

But what makes this app special is its eye-pleasing art style. You can select a landscape that will be browsed on your screen as an animated scene: Valley, Town, Airport, Feng Shui Garden. Each landscape has soothing audio effects of the road traffic, blowing wind, water stream, crickets at night, and so on.

6. Dark Sky — Plain & Simple

Dark Sky application screenshots

Price: Freemium

Dark Sky is simple and laconic to use. There are no jaw-dropping effects or data from fancy meteoradars. But it does a solid job anyway. You can get a weather report for current minute or see a detailed forecast for the rest of the day.

A bit of scrolling and you get a prognosis for the whole week. So, you can check weather conditions both for the future and past. Dark Sky might also be handy for avid travelers. You can get a full weather account from any place on Earth. Just use the map to find the area, zoom in and voilà.

The app is free to use. Sadly, no charge version lacks notifications. So, if a pouring rain, hailstorm, blizzard or a thick mist are coming to your areas, the app will keep its mouth shut.

7. Carrot Weather — Are You Still Inside, Meatbag?

Carrot Weather application screenshots

Price: Freemium

Carrot Weather adds a fun touch to the whole meteorology game. You can tweak the app’s AI personality. It changes from friendly to rude, comical, bloodthirsty, etc. So, don’t be surprised if Carrot Weather addresses you as meatbag or loser in a robotic voice. Or says that you have cottage cheese brain.

Its functionality is straightforward. You get a daily forecast with the air temperature. Tap the screen to learn more details: real feel, precipitation rate, wind, humidity level, UV index and atmospheric pressure.

In case you get bored, Carrot Weather has a little geography-based game. It will prompt you to locate a certain building or an architecture milestone: Residency of the US presidents, the last surviving Wonder of the ancient world, etc. There are 60 puzzles to crack in total.

Unfortunately, you can’t get a forecast from the future or past. The Time Machine is available only in the premium version of the app for roughly $4 per year. As a bonus you also get widgets for the home screen and remove ads.

Weather Changes Mood

We hope our weather app selection will help you know when to put a raincoat on. What is your personal favorite app for weather? Do you use any of those to monitor COVID-19 pandemic? Lets us know in the comments!