CD Projekt Red actively gathers funds for its new idea in The Witcher universe. The new comic book will be made and published by a Polish game developer. Now the new project is revealed on Kickstarter to get the money from its fans. The sponsors will receive access to the comic named The Witcher: Ronin. Once you donate funds and support the developers, you receive the Collector’s Edition Hard Copy with the comic about Ronin and 3 small stories about Witcher. The developers also provide the behind-the-scenes material which will be updated once the campaign progresses.

Story of Ronin

The new tale brings Geralt, the Witcher, to the lands infested by Yokai. He searches for the Lady of Snow, Yuki Onna. The new mysterious creature dwells in feudal Japan. Fans can enjoy outstanding Japanese landscapes and the fresh scenario about Geralt’s adventures created by Projekt Red.

Although Andrzej Sapkowski, the original author of the Witcher, did not take part in the creation of the scenario, CD Projekt Red is closely familiar with Geralt and Co’s characters. The company is famous for The Witcher games production. According to the author of the new manga Rafal Jaki, Gerald is going to experience the new role of Ronin. There will be tales and legends of Yokai. Besides, Jaki believes that the oriental atmosphere will fit the Witcher perfectly.

Classic Witcher novels welcome readers to the world of Eastern mythology, revealing popular characters of fairy tales and folklore of Eastern Europe. The new manga sends Witcher’s fans to Japan and introduces the spirits and demons Yokai and Oni. It looks like there will be plenty of jobs to do for a professional monster’s hunter. The book has 4 chapters inside and 100 pages in color. In the new world, Gerald not only has to deal with the supernatural but makes tough choices and faces numerous moral dilemmas. Three stories consist of 15 pages each. Try not to miss the chance to explore fascinating landscapes and enjoy the atmosphere of feudal Japan this season.