A trendy life simulation game The Sims 4 rolled out a new Neighborhood Stories update. This feature aims to diversify gameplay and breathe new life into the Sims living next to your active home. All fans of the game will have the chance to try this update starting from November 30.

Latest Sims 4 Update

What will Neighborhood Stories bring to The Sims 4? To begin with, the gameplay itself is based on shifts in the lives of the players' Sims. Neighbor Sims will consider your changes, but they can also automatically perform some actions. Now their behavior is similar to those of a real player, such as deciding to change careers or have a new family member.

Neighbor Sims are the majority of all NPCs filling the game map. However, you are still in charge of how things are going. Neighbor Sims who want a big change in their lives will call for your advice, or you can guide a Neighbor to a decision to encourage them to make it themselves.

New Possibilities with Neighbor Sims

The update includes many possible actions that Neighbor Sims can consider independently or in accord with players' Sims actions towards them. For example, the Autonomous feature allows Neighborhood Sims to form Friendly relationships with other Sims, change careers or have a baby.

The Autonomous-only Life Changes feature forms Neighbor Sims' independent behavior and allows them to reach new peaks in their careers and break up with their partners to start new families. To influence neighbor Sims' decisions, the developers have released the Active Sim Influenced Life Changes feature. 

That is a great way to increase players' interest in the world outside of a cozy house. What do you think about this update? Leave your comments below and share the article if you liked it!