Do you think you have seen all the tricks the Impostors use to take over the ship? Innersloth, the developer of Among Us, proves that wrong. Shapeshifter is a new and very dangerous breed of Impostor that can be disguised as any other crewmate. The developers of Among Us share more details about who these creatures are and what they can do.

Shapeshifter is a rather new addition to the game. This sort of Impostor is able to morph into one of the Crewmates for a limited time, so other players get confused. No matter how you customize your character. A Shapeshifter copies everything about the appearance: the color, the name, even the cosmetics. Under this disguise, they can do any vicious tricks, and you may take the blame.

But if they see a Shapeshifter morph back into the original shape, the disclosure comes instantly. In addition, they leave some traces of their metamorphoses, so a detective mind can find these and tell that a shapeshifting has taken place here. Anyone can be framed, so crewmates need to watch each other more carefully.

If you play as an Impostor, you can never predict that you become a Shapeshifter. The probability is adjustable, and any of the Impostors (as well as none) can be one. This adds even more surprising elements into the gameplay, so players have to embrace this yet.

Innersloth has done the impossible: introducing Shapeshifters reshaped the gameplay completely. If you don’t want to accept this innovation, though, you can set the number of Impostors that can have this ability and the probability they indeed have it. This way, you can minimize the chance that a Shapeshifter infiltrates your spaceship. Anyway, after this update, the game will never be what it used to be. Prepare to reshape your survival skills to the new environment. It’s all about the survival of the most adjustable. Have you ever played Among Us? What do you think of this new update? Share your thought with us!