If you have to talk to people from Telegram in your non-native language, you know that the translation feature is incredibly useful. With the new Telegram update for Android devices, you can get translations for messages right in the chat without using additional apps, which is quite convenient. 

To enable this feature in the app, all you should do is open the menu at the top left corner of the main page. Go to Settings, choose ‘Language,’ and then simply activate the ‘Show Translation’ feature available there. You can also exclude the languages are fluent in from the list, so you won’t see the option to translate next to such messages.

Once you activate this feature on your device, it is extremely easy to use. When you talk to someone and want to translate their message, you should simply tap on it to open a pop-up menu. There you will see several options and you choose ‘Translate.’ The language will be identified automatically and the message will be translated to the default one chosen in your app. Based on the presentation provided by Telegram, it’s obvious that this feature is more advanced for iOS devices. For example, you can copy the translated messages with one click. Or, you can choose another language right in that same window.

When it comes to the privacy related to this feature, it is important to note that Telegram relies on translation services provided by Google. The message will be automatically sent to Google’s server, which means that a third party has access to your messages. This is something to be aware of if you share any sensitive information in Telegram and you don’t want other services to get access to it.

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