Telegram has introduced a new Power Saving Mode to help preserve the battery of your device. This new feature will kick in when the battery reaches a certain percentage, allowing users to configure which features are disabled in order to save the battery. With this new feature, users can turn off resource-intensive features like auto-playing videos and GIFs, sticker animations, emoji animations, and background updates.

The Power Saving Mode has its own menu in settings, which allows users to customize which features are turned off when the battery dips below the set percentage. For example, users can choose to turn off auto-playing videos and GIFs, sticker animations, and emoji animations. 

The setting also has an “interface effects” option, which can be used to reduce the amount of power used to display certain visual elements. Additionally, users can also choose to turn off preloading media and background updates. 

The company has conducted tests on over 200 Android phones and has created “optimized default settings” based on the results. This ensures that the Power Saving Mode works best on each device, providing the most efficient battery-saving results. 

Telegram’s new Power Saving Mode is a great feature for those looking to conserve the battery life of their device. With customizable settings, users can choose which features are disabled in order to save battery. 

We recommend that you try out this feature and see how much battery life you can save! If you have any questions or comments about the Power Saving Mode, please leave a comment below.