After implementing the Premium subscription, Telegram makes it more and more meaningful. The recent pack of updates offers a real paradise to those fond of emoji and stickers. Not only does it feature ten packs of exclusive stickers: it also enables users to create and submit their own emotional pictures that can be used in conversations.

The first ten packs, containing about 50 emoji each, are already available to Premium users. More than that: users now can build full sequences out of emoji, creating a visual story. Searching the right emoji or sticker also becomes easier as you can just enter the keyword and see the list of suggested images. In the Android beta version, this feature is available since the early August, soon spreading to other versions.

Not only have Telegram stickers become more numerous: they have also gained interactivity. Now, as you touch the sticker, it bursts with animation (if it supports it). The greatest thing (which provides a new way of feedback) is that the animation is shown to both the recipient and the sender.

And this is just the beginning: themed packs are sure to appear soon in numbers. Telegram is consciously letting the genie out of the bottle, starting a custom sticker madness. Now, anyone can create their own animations and make them interactive. Given that the Premium subscription can now be bought as a gift, many users will soon have a taste of it even if they had no intention of going premium.

The pack of updates also includes the ability to insert emoji with a shortcut like: lol or : love, which simplifies the search. Also, they can be accessed from the updated sticker panel. What’s even more important for many is the ability to block voice and video messages from everyone or from those not on your contact list.

Have you already subscribed to Telegram Premium and tested these new stickers? Welcome to the comments, where you can share both your impressions and you own stickers if you have made some!