The latest update of the iconic Stardew Valley happened about a year ago, and players seem to have explored everything in and around their farms. But suddenly, there is one element that some players haven’t noticed and appreciated yet. With this feature, you can make your virtual world a better place and spend more time with fun in Pelican Town.

The trick is that the furniture can be placed outdoors if you have enough of it. This gives you new huge possibilities to design the terrain like you want and new reasons to keep playing. Players say it’s especially great when you finally get to Cindersap Forest, the closest region to your farm. But other locations can be decorated this way too.

Of course, new furniture costs some in-game currency, and this can deter some players from expanding your universe in this way. But there is another trick that helps it in long term. Buy the Furniture Catalog and create items from there. Though it costs quite a lot of coins (200K gold plus the Farmhouse upgrade), with it you can just spawn any item you like.

The idea is somehow similar to what we see in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (and no wonder, as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley are often mentioned together). In Stardew Valley, though, it’s made much simpler, as you don’t need to terraform your terrain. Placing items where they belong is also much easier.

With this feature as a part of the latest update, the good old Stardew Valley that you know inside out becomes much more replayable. So if you like this place with its relaxed atmosphere and meditative process of restoring and decorating the land, you can spend many more hours here. Do you play Stardew Valley? Would you prefer it to Animal Crossing or any other title of the sort? And have you found this feature and exploited it already? Tell us in the comments, please!