Social services that have been free start introducing premium subscriptions with extra features. Soon after the launch of Telegram Premium, it appears that Snapchat follows the same path. According to a leak tweeted by Alessandro Paluzzi, Snapchat is preparing and testing its subscription plan that will deliver exclusive features for some monthly payments.

What will Premium users receive? While Telegram has taken care of it and delivered quite enough extras for paid subscription to make sense, it’s not clear about Snapchat. What can be assumed from the beta version analyzed by Alessandro Paluzzi, the premium plan will enable users to pin a conversation, add a special badge, and enjoy more custom icons. Seems not much so far, given that all these extras are mostly cosmetic.

What’s more interesting is the access to new and experimental features that Snap will seemingly first grant to Snapchat+ users. But will they function in stories and messages if viewers and receivers are not on the premium side? Will their participation be read-only, or will they see an invitation to join in instead of the premium content? It’s yet to be seen.

As for pricing, the basic monthly plan will cost €4.59 (nearly $4.85). Yet users can save a bit if they purchase 6-month plans for €24.99 or yearly ones at €45.99. If you are not sure whether you need Snapchat+, you can have a week of trial for free. The payment will be easy to make via Google Play or App Store (assuming that Premium will be launched on both platforms simultaneously).

There hasn’t been any official announcement or even a hint, so a lot remains to be seen yet. What do you think of this upcoming feature? Do you believe these premium extras are worth the money? Will Snapchat make any currently free features paid, or hopefully not? Let’s share our hopes and expectations in the comments!