When Among Us comes to your favorite Arcane there is no such thing as enough space in your wardrobe. Prepare to try more outfits. Riot Games revealed details on the Progress Days which we can’t wait to see. It looks like RiotX Arcane will be filled with surprises and updates. No matter whether you are a fan of League of Legends or not, this part is going to cheer you up.

Progress Day takes place from November 7 up to November 13. Originally it is known as the Piltover town’s innovation and science day. These days are filled with numerous surprises you may see in your favorite Riot games. During these days you will see the crossover of Arcane and Among Us. Players will be able to become Heimerdinger or enforcer from Piltover. It is still unclear whether there will be a traditional form Among Us detective investigations.

Progress Days is a huge event in the Piltover and for the Riot Games in general. It celebrates the series, the success of the LoL tournament, and upcoming games. During the whole month, there will be different surprises in all Riot Games. For example, LoL players will be able to get the Council Archives and learn everything about Arcane. All the images are inspired by the series. Check out updates on seasonal dragons. Once you win the game you will be able to unlock the famous outfit of Arcane Jayce. Don’t worry, Wild Rift and Runeterra will also receive a bunch of benefits, including new cosmetics. Riot Games does everything to promote the new TV series. There are three episodes, which you may probably love. Apart from that, Riot has already announced the collaboration with PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.

Have you watched the new TV series based on the game? How do you like it? Share your impressions about popular LoL characters in the show. Which one do you like the most?