Meet the 18.30 new update released by Fortnite. It has numerous presents for players, including the Cube Queen skin, Redacted Bunker POI, and exclusive weapons. Season 8 is already known as one of the most incredibly content-oriented. Epic even changed the map, adding Convergence in the Island’s center. There were legendary crossovers with Resident Evil and Ariana Grande.

Epic definitely has more surprises for Fortnite’s fans. They share the new update only a week after the last one. The new update extends Fortnitemares with Shortnitemares Film Festival and Shadow Midas.

Details of Release

The 18.30 patch downtime started on October 26 at 1 AM PST or 4 AM EST. The downtime of the 18.30 patch lasted for two hours. The time depends on how much Epic wants to add to the game. Updates quickly attracted the attention of Fortnite’s community. Many players were impressed with the Mountain Base, the former Redacted Bunker. It looks like this landmark is the major attraction of the new patch. If you were also wondering what is inside the Bunker at the southeast map’s corner, now it is time to find out. Many of us believed that it is an eternal mystery. Well, now, Doctor Slone opened the bunker’s doors so we all can admire Mountain Base. Still, there is a mystery inside. Imagined Order that is up to something requires our total attention. All we know for now is that it is connected with the Cube Queen.

As for the new weapon, there is a Combat Pistol and Icy Grappler introduced. Combat Pistol suits well to the Combat Assault Rifle which also was recently revealed. The Cube Queen is one of the biggest revelations of the 18.21 update, and now you can try her skin in the Season 8 Battle Pass, as the Secret Skin.

Fortnite fans! Please share your impressions on the new update in the comments below. Which is your favorite thing in this patch?