Hurray! The list of October PS Plus offers has finally leaked! It seems to become a new PS tradition as the new titles leak before the official release too often! Here’s what to wait for in October.

Two Old, One New

According to Billbil-Kun, the user of a popular French website Dealabs, all PS Plus users will get access to 3 cool titles. Mortal Combat X and PGA Tour 2K21 will come for PS4, and Hell Let Loose will be presented for PS5 owners only. 

While you probably don’t need the legendary fighting arcade and the best golf simulator to be introduced, Hell Let Loose is a new name. Moreover, it’s a premiere title! The title has already left early access on PC, so you will get it in your subscription right on the day of the console release. It has already shown very well on Steam, so it has all chances to become the next record-breaking release on the console. 

This World War II multiplayer shooter promises to represent war in a very realistic way. It will bring you through the Battle for Stalingrad, Guadalcanal Campaign, Operation Overlord, and multiple other great historical campaigns. Since it’s a competitive multiplayer game, you can choose to play for both Allies and the Axis and on different sides of real battlefields. 

Almost Guaranteed

Given that all the previous PS Plus leaks were approved by actual releases, we have no reason to doubt this one too. The same Dealabs user correctly predicted all the September releases in August! However, we recommend you stay a bit cautious to avoid frustration if the prediction doesn’t come true in October. The chances are pretty low, but anyway. 

Good Enough?

Are you happy about the new titles? Which ones would you like to see in November? Share the announcement with friends to get aliases for upcoming battles and join the chat below. The next announcement will be here too as soon as we spot a leak!