Project Sirius is an upcoming game set in the universe of The Witcher that is anticipated to unfold exciting storylines, multiplayer gameplay, and community events. Recently job ads posted by CD Projekt Red have given us more insight into what makes this spin-off game special and worth looking forward to. 

According to the job descriptions, Project Sirius may include extended networking features catering for co-op or community events, various character classes, multiple gameplay modes, including PvE, and a cinematic storyline with voiced dialogues. There is also mention of “stylized visuals,” making it stand out from other visually similar titles within a similar genre. 

Interestingly enough, there are also hints at a procedural generation, which can provide players with greater replay value through a combination of randomized elements such as activities, character models, textures, etcetera – all packaged together in a diverse world each time you boot up the game.  

Of course, they will be officially confirmed as soon as we get more information about the hardware platforms and the approximate release date - something fans will eagerly await after hearing about this project some time ago.

Nevertheless, based on recent reports, Project Sirius looks promising indeed, featuring innovative elements such as narrated stories combined with procedural generations, making it visually appealing and gameplay-wise when it eventually launches sometime soon!