The Season of Mischief in Pokémon GO has been filled with different events. According to data miners, the game will now receive other updates, such as Research Assignments, Legendary Quests, and Items.

These additions to Pokémon GO have been uncovered by PokéMiners, so it seems that information comes from a reliable source. The updates are likely associated with the release of Brilliant Diamon and Shining Pearl, which are expected to arrive later this month. Also, the upcoming changes will concern a Special Lure box, Weather Boosted attacks, and also ‘Special Weekend’ text for Poke-Stops.

The most impressive addition looks like questline rewards, which players will get for enhancing or catching Mythical or Legendary Pokémon. The current leaked content doesn’t provide any information as to which rewards will be presented, but they will likely include rare items and significant XP boosts. There will also be a new move referred to as ‘Psychic Fangs’ and also Sinnoh Collection Challenge. The game will include text for different costumes of the Sinnoh starters and the same goes for clothes that players wore in the original game.

Moreover, there will be the Shinx Community Day text and a new Lure Module. As Shinx belongs to the Electric Pokémon types, the Lure Module will likely help get other categories of Pokémon. At the moment, the game already includes lure modules for Water, Steel, Ice, and Grass types, so it’s only natural that this one will be aimed at Electric ones. There will also be a Special Lure Box, which should appear in the store.

These are major additions to the game, but there are also several minor ones, so we have to wait and see how everything plays out.

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