Much to the delight of every true Apex Legends fan, The Art of Apex Legends – a long-anticipated hardback edition containing 192 pages of beautiful concept art and detailed developer commentary – is available for sale on Amazon starting January 11, 2022. The book meticulously catalogs all the legendary skins, war-ravaged maps, deadly weapons, and memorable characters that have made their appearance in every episode of the thrilling first-person shooter up to Season 7: Ascension.

A particularly thrilling tidbit featured in The Art of Apex Legends is devoted to the Season 1 Battle Pass character – Octane – who seems to have been conceived as a much more gruesome and sinful legend. The commentary describing the creative process for early Octane concept art reveals that the developers' plan for this character was to make him a freakish monster-like creature addicted to alien spider extract drugs.

However, the image of a madcap with deformed lengthened limbs, terrifying fangs, and mandibles apparently did not sit well with most users, making them feel largely uncomfortable. The concept from earlier sketches slowly evolved into what Octane is now – a far more relatable character that relies on adrenaline rather than drugs to boost him up. The original spider idea also explains why everything in the Apex Legends Octane Edition has a distinct arachnid feel to it.

Not too big on Octane? How about Pathfinder, then? This easy-going robot, it turns out, was meant to be a depressed, bitter, and sarcastic killing machine that despised humans! What a crazy twist, right?

Have you purchased the book yet? Do you think there will be volume 2 of The Art of Apex Legends to cover backstories for other beloved legends like Valkyrie, Ash, and Seer? Share your ideas in the comments below!