Roblox received a new game that Nike fans can enjoy. Nikeland is the place where you can play numerous sports games together or against your friends, create modes, or admire the Swoosh logo everywhere you go. The game was created by Nike with the goal to attract more people to sports and probably reveal the collection of clothes you can find in a real store.

Interesting Facts About Game

Here are several facts you have to know about Nikeland before you enter it. You may want to read them in advance. Some of them can be easily unnoticed:

  • Nikeland offers a view of Nike’s headquarters. All the buildings and sports fields are inspired by the real-life headquarters of Nike. You can participate in the traditional games familiar from childhood for you, like tag, dodgeball, or lava floor on Nike’s field;
  • The game encourages players to be more active in real life. This goal may be unnoticed by players, but all the actions you perform in Nikeland are taken from real life. There are accelerometers in the game available on mobile so you can transform your movement offline into the game. You may provide speed runs or jumps to win the online games;
  • Digital avatars can wear Nike clothes. You can try a new Nike outfit on your character whether it is Mercurial football boots or Air Force 1. The digital showroom has a wide range of options;
  • Nikeland is free on Roblox and is accessible to everyone. If you are a fan of sports games, you can enter the game any time of the day. There are numerous awards for the success you show in Nikeland. You can receive a blue ribbon or gold medal for winning the competition;

The game will be at the House of Innovation in New York City. There is a Snapchat lens that will make the game more realistic in the NYC HOI. Nike offers an AR version of the game there.

Are you excited to play Nikeland? Have you already tried it? You may tell more about your impressions in the comments.