Thanks to yesterday's Scenarios update, fans of The Sims 4 now have access to a new gameplay mode which will be presented as challenges or ''Scenarios''. According to the EA website, they are goal-based stories within the game in which the player's choices influence the outcome.

EA also hinted that some scenarios will be available for a limited time and that if you begin playing before the time limit expires, you will be able to complete the game. In addition, the first batch of scenarios will include some challenges. It has also been stated that there is no time limit in which to complete the games.

The majority of players already have access to the game thanks to a patch released on November 2. According to EA, included in the new update is a feature that allows you to record, save, and track your progress in these challenges or ''scenarios''.

So far, they've included "Making Money and Too Many Toddlers." They also promised more scenarios, including "Finding Love After A Breakup, Perfectly Well Rounded, and Enemies with Benefits." EA has also stated that additional scenarios will be released.

In the "Making Money" scenario, which has become very popular among simmers, the player must begin with 0 simoleons and work his way up to 1 million simoleons. In the "Too Many Toddlers" scenario, you will be expected to care for at least 3 toddlers. In the ‘’Enemies with Benefits’’ scenario, you start the game with a roommate you don’t get along with. To win in this scenario you have to either turn your roommate from an enemy into a friend with no ill will or persuade them to be enemies with benefits.

That’s all for now on the new updates for The SIMS 4 Scenarios.

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