YouTube Music continues to add new features to its arsenal and there is currently a new tab in its testing phase. According to the recent Reddit post, YouTube Music started showing a new ‘Recommended radios’ tab to some users of the app. Currently, only a limited number of app users can see it, but if testing goes successfully, we are likely to see this feature as a permanent part of the application.

At the moment, YouTube Music has a radio feature that comes up with new playlists according to the songs that you listen to in the app. When it comes to the new function, you will get a recommendation of radio stations that will change every time your refresh your feed. The tab is displayed right on the home page of the app, but you have to scroll down quite a bit to notice it. The tab is designed to show ten radio stations and a cover image right next to each one of them.

The way this new feature works can be compared to the radio one in Spotify, as you also get new playlists when you refresh the page. Radio stations in YouTube Music come with names and sometimes descriptions, such as downbeat, popular, and more. Also, you may notice the music decade when you see certain radio stations.

Once you open one of the radio stations, you will notice that it looks just like any other playlist. However, the app says that you get ‘Endless music customized for you.’ You can download the playlist to your device or click on ‘Add to Library.’ The update started appearing in the app last week, but the number of users seeing it will gradually increase over time. At the moment, only a few users can use it, so it’s surely in its early stages of testing.

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