With the recent changes to SteamDB regarding GeForce Now, a new patch for the highly anticipated video game Cyberpunk 2077 may be on its way. This follows similar activity from past updates, leading fans to speculate what kind of improvements and perks this patch could bring.

Going back several months ago, SteamDB also had modified entries around the time that version 1.6 was released for Cyberpunk 2077. Shortly after these changes were made to SteamDB, the update went live in less than a week. It appears as if this pattern is repeating itself now, with another possible patch coming soon.  
The developers released a roadmap of features they are planning on adding or tweaking before too far into 2024; some of these include reworking police system mechanics, improving vehicle combat, and introducing additional perks players can unlock in-game. It's likely one or more of these items could make their debut in the upcoming patch, though nothing has been confirmed yet at present; anyone wishing to play Cyberpunk 2077 will have to wait until an official announcement is made before any definitive information can be known about this potential update. 

While there has been no confirmation from CD Projekt Red about any incoming patches for Cyberpunk 2077 so far, all signs indicate that something is coming soon based on previous patterns seen with other updates for the game over its lifetime thus far and changes being recently made by Valve Corporation related GeForce Now offerings somewhat tied into SteamDB’s operations. 

Overall, it would appear there may well be another update incoming for fans eagerly awaiting more content from Cyperbunk2077 due out sometime in early 2024, pending needed approval from Valve Corporation-related services allowing access to content through cyber means connected through providing great experiences through both PC and console platforms created by dedicated teams striving towards further development.