It was strange to see Netflix enter the world of mobile gaming; now, it seems to have always been there. Now, the video streaming giant implements new social features within its gaming realm. It’s going social, so soon we are to get Netflix’s gamertags and other features that make social gaming such a fun experience.

The selection of mobile games featured by Netflix has been almost exclusively about solo playing mode. But now, though, it seems to receive some multiplayer features – at least the most basic ones that make competitive mode possible. You still play against the AI, for example, but your achievements will appear on a multiplayer leaderboard, enabling you to show off and compete with other players.

There’s nothing new about this concept. Not only game stores and platforms like Steam, Xbox, PlayStation Live, Epic, and others practice this. Standalone games have had online leaderboards for long, adding some competition even into purely solo gameplay. As for Netflix, it has been using social features to predict their users’ tastes better, offering them rather precise personalized suggestions. It would be strange of Netflix to give up this approach in their gaming section.

For these leaderboards, Netflix may also introduce gamertags for those who wouldn’t like to reveal their real names in social gaming. These users will be able to choose a gamertag (like on any other respectable gaming platform) and let it rep their personality. By these handles, players will also be able to see each other’s online status, invite to chats or personal competition, find friends, etc.

Still, it’s not known when Netflix plans to implement this very reasonable idea. What do you think about Netflix at gaming? Which of its games do you prefer? If you play Netflix games, do you prefer original titles or modified classics? Share your impressions and expectations with us in the comments!