There is another masterpiece you can see in Minecraft. Devoted Star Wars fan and Minecraft player recreated Tatooine of 4k x 4k. It took nearly a year to build the massive planet and 1000 hours of life. You can admire it on Reddit.

Although this is not the first time that Minecraft players recreate their favorite places from other games, movies, and books, a replica of Tatooine is one of the most impressive among them. It quickly gathered 25,000 upvotes once it was released. For years Minecraft has maintained its dominating place among constructor games. Its major secret of success is in the freedom it provides to the players. Mojang simply provides the tools the players may need and enough places to go wild. Many designers started their careers by playing Minecraft. You can practice there as long as you want to until you will be able to create the house of your dreams. If you need some inspiration just walk around other worlds created by Minecraft players. You will find there everything from the Harry Potter Universe to The Lord of the Rings, and Squid Game scenes.

Tatooine was built by dillyg10 who spent the year working on the planet’s map recreation. The map turned out to be incredibly detailed. The user has released the video with the tour over Star Wars' famous location. You may see the race track and Jundland Wastes. While some fans continue to congratulate the devoted developer, others are wondering what the speed of the work was. The 4k x 4k map was built in 1000 hours. However, the developer says that there are more things to add to the map. Answering users’ questions, dillyg10 said that there are working mobs in the game that look exactly like Star Wars citizens. They will be released later.

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