Minecraft Live is a new replacement for the defunct MINECON. It took place on October 16, 2021. Let’s quickly recap the event.

Minecraft Live 2021 was a live event that took place last Saturday: October 16, 2021. There were some intriguing announcements, discussions about the game’s future, and fan voting. And also, viewers could see what the game’s HQ looks like.

Probably the biggest announcement was that a new Wild Update is coming. (Java Edition 1.19 and Bedrock Edition 1.19.0).

The update will give a new life to the Birch Wood, among all else. It will become more spacious, birches will grow taller, and chest boats, as well as new resource types, will be added.

Another cool place to explore will be the Deep Dark biome. And it won’t be just some wild nature zone. It’s a whole mysterious area where you can find lost and abandoned cities left by an ancient, ruined civilization.

It is expected that inside the cities we’ll find lots of loot stashes, and probably new mobs — hostile and neutral.

Fans were also to vote for a new type of mob to be added to the game. The running candidates were 

  • Allay. A fairy mob capable of collecting items. If you give him one, he will scavenge for its analogs on his own and bring them to you.
  • Glare. A ghostly creature that would signal that you’re entering a danger zone.
  • Copper Golem. A robot creature that could be created from copper. The player could preserve it from oxidation.

As a result, the winner of the vote was Allay. Although, some suspect a Glare-like mob will make a cameo in the Deep Dark in one or another form. The update and new mob will premiere in 2022.

Even though the event is over, you can check the recorded stream right here. What other mobs could Minecraft’s world use? Is Allay a good pick? Share your opinion in the comments!