The overall idea of Meta services as platforms where creators and their fans interact is all about monetization. How does one make money out of the channel, and what do the fans get in exchange? Meta introduces new functionality for Facebook and Instagram, with which exclusive subscriptions will make more sense.

The first of them is private Messenger-based chats that can be available from stories. To connect them, Meta introduces a special interactive sticker that can be used on both regular and subscriber-only stories. By tapping or clicking such a sticker, a subscriber can enter the chat where up to 30 persons may discuss some topic along with the topic starter. These conversations deliver the feel of exclusivity, which makes followers closer to creators.

Like a story, a chat linked to it only exists for 24 hours and then disappears. This ephemeral approach is a straightforward contradiction to the assumption that everything stays forever on the Internet. The spirit of the moment is returning. In addition, these chats may be used to share expiring links, which won’t make sense after a certain period.

Other features Meta is introducing exclusive stories and live broadcasts. These bring another type of exclusivity: they can only be viewed by approved subscribers. Those monetizing their channels can use these broadcasts and stories to advertise their future webinars, lectures, or fan meetings or conduct them immediately on Facebook or Instagram.

All the subscriber-only content will be available through a new “Exclusive” tab where reels, posts, broadcasts, and probably more content will appear if you have paid money to subscribe to someone, no wonder you won’t want to miss anything coming from them.

Or will you? Have you ever subscribed to someone personally on social media if it was paid? Were you satisfied with the content they provided? How was your overall experience? Tell us in the comments if you please!