A new mobile game for Android and iOS named Future Revolution will be launched on August, 25. Now the pre-registration is open. Marvel has also released a teaser trailer where they describe the game as: “This is not just a fight. This is a revolution”. 

The plot is not clear as of now, but there are some suggestions on what we can expect from this application. It may be a new Primary Earth, which appeared because of multiple Earths from the multiverse. In it, the superhero team will stand against the supervillains. And only when they are together, will they be able to fight the chaos in this new world. 

Among the characters in the game are Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Star-Lord, Captain Marvel, and Storm. The number of heroes may increase with game development. Costumes in the Future Revolution are inspired by comics. The Marvel games that have been launched before are gaining popularity continuously. The Future Revolution will combine several worlds from the comics. Company made a soft launch in Canada and opened a free registration for everyone. Now we wait for the official launch on August, 25.