While Facebook and Twitter are hard to imagine without political discussions, some other social media are ready to cut them down completely – or at least provide their users with such an opportunity. The first to announce it directly is LinkedIn. According to the interview by LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky, the service is about to enable an AI-assisted politics-free experience.

Frankly speaking, LinkedIn is not the sort of network where you’d expect lots of political clashes (unless your career is political itself). Still, people who have embraced certain ideas may use any platform for championing it, LinkedIn being no exception. If you want your feed politics-free, you can opt for hiding all the posts that were sorted out as political. Or will be able to opt, because the feature is now in the process of implementation.

So far, the feature is just being tested in the USA for a group of random users. There can be mistakes in identifying political content, and the media admits it. So, the first lucky one may skip important posts because they got mistakenly hidden. If you turned out to be among these Guinea pigs, don’t forget to check the hidden posts manually once in a while. Your feedback will also be precious, especially about mistakes the AI makes in identifying posts.

Political discussions are the hottest thing for now. In the nearest future, though, this selective filtering will be able to hide posts on any other topic. The topic, according to Roslansky, can be defined automatically, and the user will be able to modify the rules.

Do you agree with LinkedIn about filtering political posts? Would you like to see the same on other platforms? On what topic would you rather not read in your feed on Facebook or Twitter? The discussion in our comments will not be hidden, so welcome!