The celebration of League of Legends does not only result in new games and the extremely popular Arcane. At the 2021 Game Awards, it played some tracks from the new instrumental album named Sessions: Diana. And now it’s already available on streaming services, so everyone can listen to it outside of the game.

The names of the authors are not seen in the tracks’ names. All of them are attributed simply to League of Legends where they could be found first. It’s mostly quality ambient music that creates the background for strategic thinking, with acoustic guitars, birds singing, choir samples, and tender keyboard passages. Some tracks, though, sometimes get quite energetic, influenced by hip-hop and jazz

Maybe the most interesting part of it is that all the tracks from both albums are available on streaming services and free for content creators. That is, everyone who wants to use them as background music for their slideshows of TikTok wisdom revelations can do it. Of course, League of Legends fans are closest to it, so their projects featuring this music will probably be also LoL-related in some way.

If you are already curious to listen to it, you can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, and YouTube/YouTube Music. Though authors are different, at first you might get confused, as all the tracks sound like a long, large soundscape around you. It takes more than one listening to appreciate single tracks, as it has nothing in common with loud, star-packed OST of, say, Arcane. But it’s a different sort of fun.

Do you like the music they use in League of Legends? Will you rather play with no music at all, with the original soundtrack, or with your own playlist? Let’s speak about it in the comments. We’d like you to share your favorite gaming playlists on Spotify or any other streaming.