It’s official now. If you like to upload your 60-second videos to Stories on Instagram, you won’t then see them split into 15-second clips like you used to. On September 23, Instagram confirmed that these videos will be preserved as solid pieces. This will certainly make the Stories experience more fun for both creators and viewers.

So far, the feature is just being tested, so it’s only made available to select users. If the experience works as smoothly as supposed, Instagram will roll it out for more users until reaching everyone with the updateable app.

There isn’t much to add about how the feature will work. To check whether it’s active for you, you can try uploading a video between 15 and 60 seconds and see how it’s seen when uploaded. If it’s split, you will have to wait a little longer. But as we know that the feature has reached this stage of testing, it can arrive sooner than we expect.

This update is yet another part of the shift Instagram makes towards short videos as the crucial part of the experience. The success of Reels has been the motivator to inspire users to making more video content. These longer stories will become a better way of both making pure entertaining content and marketing or advertising, which is now promoted on Instagram, the media already being home to millions of small businesses.

The recent update to Reels which can be now as long as 90 seconds seems quite in line with this update. Instagram keeps its content short but not intolerably short. For example, videos shorter than 15 minutes are now automatically published as Reels. Well, Instagram is logical in implementing video-focused features.

Will you enjoy watching solid minute-long stories rather than series of 15-second clips? If you are a creator, what new possibilities do you see in this format? Share your opinion with us in the comments!