Who said we only have to use the native editor to create videos for social media? TikTok’s CapCut is great, but some prefer making videos with the Instagram app and then sharing them. Unluckily, this had been hindered by an issue that made such an export impossible. Luckily, Instagram has rolled out the patch that fixes this.

Not that videos were fully impossible to export while this bug was present. But the exported videos had no sound at all when saved from the editing screen. While users still could post them on Instagram as normal, saving them for posting on TikTok or on other services was rendered senseless.

Of course, this raised some suspicion that Instagram had done it on purpose. The rivalry between social media is obvious, and the very introduction of Reels was a reply to TikTok’s format being extremely successful. We often can see on any given social media videos watermarked so they’re obviously taken from other platforms, and this doesn’t warn the heart of the original platform’s managers.

This issue, though, was fixed quickly. It took Instagram about 10 days to detect the nature of the problem and release the update which removes it on August 29. Now, you can create your video with the Reels editor and upload them to TikTok, like you used to.

There are reasons to do it. A popular green screen feature is said to work on Instagram Reels better than it does on CapCut. The main reason for many users, though, is the familiarity of Instagram editing style for them; CapCut and editors like VN are more than decent, but it takes time to get used to them.

We hope this issue never repeats since its root has been detected. Have you encountered this on your device? Was it iPhone or Android? Did you receive the update that fixes it? If you had your own experience with this issue or just want to discuss which vide editor is better, welcome to the comments!