Mobile gaming still stays strong as the most lucrative branch of the industry. The overall revenue of mobile games, though, has decreased by 6% in April 2022 next to 2021. This result is shown on both Google Play and App Store, showing that the trend is cross-platform. Some titles, though, still prosper and progress.

Partly, this may be caused by many payment processors suspending operations in Russia and Belarus. Partly, by the global economical challenge caused by this war. The main markets for mobile game developers are the USA (28% of the total spending), China (20%), and Japan (19%). These regional giants are grand enough to have their local favorites which may compete in the global race even within a single market.

An example of this is Honor of Kings, a mobile game wildly popular in China and almost unknown outside of Southeast Asia. Its revenue ($274.5M) mostly comes from China (96%). Two closest rivals – Taiwan and Thailand – only provide 1.4% each. Yet this is one of those games that generated even more revenue in April 2022, showing the increase of 6.2% over the last April.

The closest pursuer is PUBG ($218) which also mostly appeals to the Chinese but gets over 38% of its revenue from elsewhere. The bronze is firmly held by Genshin Impact, also a Chinese project by HoYoverse, though its players are more evenly spread. American projects follow: Candy Crush Saga by King is the fourth, and Roblox the fifth.

It’s interesting that the overall Top 3 coincides with that of App Store, while the Top 3 for Google Play is completely different. On Android, the champions are Coin Master, Lineage W, and Candy Crush Saga. The first two of them didn’t even make it to Top 10 on Apple devices.

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