Netflix seems to dominate the streaming landscape, but nothing lasts forever. Among all rivals, it’s Disney+ that can claim the throne in recent years. According to the report developed by Digital TV Research, the number of Disney+ subscribers will constantly grow soon, and Netflix may not catch up.

When it comes to numbers, the Digital TV Research’s predictions are boldly precise. They say that, in 2025, there will be more Disney+ subscribers than those of Netflix. In absolute numbers, in 2026, the number of Disney+ subscribers will reach 284.2 million, while Netflix will be watched by 270 million.

The researchers admit that their previous predictions were even bolder. According to the earlier version, Disney+ could reach even 294 million users in 2026, while for Netflix it’s only 286 million. These numbers mean that Disney+ domination may start a year earlier than it had been predicted previously.

When it comes to content, Netflix has a great variety of shows and films to offer, both partners’ ones and of its own production. Disney+, on the contrary, features its exclusive content that includes animations by Pixar, movies, and series by Marvel and Lucasfilm, National Geographic shows as well as Disney’s own production. The third place in this competition will be held by Amazon Prime which is considered to reach 243 million users by then.

The forecasts are made with the global market in mind, supposing that Asian countries will participate in global streaming more and more. It seems natural, as Netflix actively promotes production by Asian producers (including the latest hit Squid Game), and Disney actively reaches for foreign markets too. The process may be slowed down by Chinese governmental regulations that hold the market back. On the other hand, in the US many households will not settle for one subscription, buying several to avoid missing exclusive content. What do you prefer to watch, Netflix or Disney+? Let us know in the comments below.