You’ve got to agree that once you’ve subscribed to more than 20 channels on YouTube the whole thing becomes extremely messy and it becomes very hard to find the channels that will interest you the most. YouTube provides its users with very limited tools since the only thing that you can do is subscribe, unsubscribe, and use the search bar to find new content.

The reason why YouTube subscriptions are a mess is that they are organized by how recently you viewed one channel or another. Thus, if you wish to see if your favorite channels released any new videos, you’ll have to manually go through each one to see if they released a new video. You’ve got to agree that this can get pretty tedious, so everyone simply relies on the recommendations tab in hopes that new videos from channels that you subscribed to will show up in there.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem and it comes in the form of a browser extension, which is also available on iOS and Android. This extension allows organizing all the YouTube subscriptions into neat categories, improving navigation, and giving you better control of what you want to view.

Organize YouTube Subscriptions Using PocketTube

PocketTube is a browser extension that can be used in Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Vivaldi. It can also be used on your mobile device no matter if you have Android or iOS. This extension allows organizing your subscriptions into categories such as “games”, “music”, “new”, “technology”, etc. The categories are custom made so you can create any category you’d like.

The browser extension for PC is an excellent one since it is very well integrated into the YouTube website. It’s also very handy to have a mouse and keyboard once you start organizing your subscriptions into different categories.

Changes to the UI

Once you install this extension, you will see a new tab appear on YouTube’s side panel. This tab is named “Subscription groups” and it allows you to easily create new categories and access the channels you are subscribed to.

Also, after clicking on one of the sections, the rest of the categories that you’ve made will be shown at the top of the screen. You can activate or deactivate different categories and quickly switch between them.

How to Add New Channels to Categories

The whole process is a fairly tedious one since you will have to choose each channel’s category by hand. To do this, you will have to click on a new button located next to the “bell” icon and choose the appropriate category. This is pretty much it if you’re using a free version of this extension.

If, however, you have hundreds of subscriptions and keep on adding more and more of them, you might want to consider buying the paid version of PocketTube. The paid version of PocketTube offers you a whole lot of new features from adding icons to your categories, easily unsubscribing from channels, and quickly viewing when the channels have added new videos.

Other Patreon-only features include:

  • Sub-folders for groups

  • Access to the Contributors page

  • Health status of channels

  • Priority customer support

  • Support and early access to new features of new features

Great Way to Organize Your Subscriptions

Overall, PocketTube is an excellent method of organizing your subscriptions and separating them into new categories. The UI is very streamlined and new features are being added fairly often. If you have lots of subscriptions and struggle to manage them all, then this browser extension will definitely help you out, even if you get the free version.

Do you watch lots of YouTube and have lots of subscriptions? Have you ever wanted to find a tool that will you help you manage all the subscriptions you have? Tell us in the comments below.