On July 20, Rockstar rolled out the brand new update for its phenomenally popular GTA Online shooter. The update brings a huge bunch of missions long with dozens of races on heavily tuned vehicles. You can now challenge your car-obsessed friends for races, boast about your cars, and show off driving skills. 

Los Santos Tuners Update Details

First of all, you need to donate $50,000 of the in-game cash to become the official LS Car Meet member. The list of membership privileges includes access to a huge underground racing track, The Test Track, inside the Car Meet main warehouse, and a reputation level with bonuses. 

You can take part in two types of races, including the Pursuit Series and Street Race Series. Winning and losing these racing events will impact your driver’s reputation. You can also support your rep by returning to the game daily and beating your records on the Test Track. The higher your reputation is, the more car customizations you can access in the store. 

Additionally, you can already purchase 10 new vehicles for customization. Rockstar reports that 7 more cars are already on the way to the game too. Some of the new imported racing vehicles include Dinka RT3000, Annis ZR350, Karin Calico GTF, Karin Futo GTX, Vulkar Warrener HKR, and more. 

Too Juicy to Skip

Although GTA Online has been around for over 8 years, it’s still one of the most popular online games on the market. The Los Santos Tuners Update seems to make it even more attractive to play, especially for those who are sick of Forza Horizon and want something crazy and loaded with great rides. Will you download the latest update right now? If you are already playing, share this piece with others to invite them to the game and say what you think about the update in the comments below.