Since its inception, Google has remained on the frontier of promoting data security and privacy for all its users. And while the company has had its fair share of criticism for not always practicing what it is preaching, its dedication to making the Internet a safer place are nothing but laudable. One of Google’s latest efforts in that direction was the introduction of the VPN by Google One – a mobile virtual private network service designed to make your browsing experience safer and smoother.

Previously only available to subscribers of 2TB Google One package or higher plans, it is soon to be enjoyed for free by anyone owning a Google Pixel 7 series smartphone. In light of this, it will not hurt to go over what the new VPN is and how it works to make our browsing more secure.

So, the new mobile VPN service by Google One is a handy tool for encrypting your online activity and giving it an extra layer of security. No matter the app or browser, it ensures a protected and private Internet connection, which is crucial for working in high-risk networks like public Wi-Fi hotspots where your sensitive information can become an easy target for hackers.

To spare you all the boring technical details, the VPN by Google One works by creating a strongly encrypted tunnel between yourself and the site you are visiting. It makes it impossible to intercept your online data while in transit and eliminates privacy and security risks.

The Google One app for iOS and Android devices includes VPN by Google One. To turn it on, start the Google One app => Benefits => VPN benefit => View Details => Enable VPN. Do not forget to check to see that you are signed into your Google account.

Have you tested the new VPN by Google One yet? Is it as functional and easy-to-use as promised? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the subject!