If you are one of smart home enthusiasts, Google Home is probably among your favorite apps on your Android device. It has already been very usable, but not it’s about to get redesigned (like everything Google, as you may have noticed). Now its “next generation design”, as Google puts it, has already entered the testing phase.

Recently, Google has changed the way the toggles work, making it more intuitive. Now it goes further and attempts to redesign the entire app, so it becomes easier to figure out. The idea of smart home is now rather attractive to those who is ready to fiddle around with settings a bit before it obeys your simple commands; probably, Google want to make it more accessible to those more familiar with the plug-and-play approach.

Currently, Google is in search of testers willing to try the redesigned app. Not everyone will qualify, of course; first, they need to have some appliances to control with the renewed app. These appliances need to be Google Nest branded and connected to one of Nest controlling devices (smart speakers, tablets, or even smartphones). If you are one of those, you can apply here and maybe become one of the first to try this.

There is a wide array of products compatible with Google Nest and thus Google Home. The list includes classes from cameras and sensors to air conditioners and smart locks, as well as smart speakers and displays. Controlling them with a single app is the pinnacle of the smart home concept. And the less sophisticated it gets, the more customers it can attract.

Got any smart home devices compatible with Google Nest? Already using Smart Home and willing to try how it will look after the redesign? And what do you expect from it: just more of Material You or really new ways of controlling it? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!