It always seems that Google’s communication tools are in the process of constant change. They merge, split off, and exchange functionality. Some time ago, rumor had it that the search giant was about to merge Duo with Meet. However, that never happened in the long run. Instead, Google showered Meet with updates and enhancements, while Duo remained in the shadows. Until recently. 

Indeed, Google Duo didn’t get many updates, especially after the search behemoth focused on Google Meet. However, now that Duo has surpassed five billion installs on the Play Store, it seems like the app will get some well-deserved attention very soon. As a matter of fact, Google has recently launched a new Duo version on Android phones, and there have been some pretty noticeable changes made within the app’s video chat possibilities. Keep reading for further details.

If Google Meet is among your most frequently used apps, then you’re most likely aware of breakout rooms. The feature gives you the possibility of dividing chat members into smaller groups during a conference. According to recent reports, Google Duo may introduce this functionality in the future. If it does, it will be very handy for crowded video chats with over 30 people. For an update-hungry app like Duo, this adjustment would be exciting on its own, but it looks like it will be followed by another feature.

Yes, it’s not the only Meet tool that Duo might borrow very soon. Similar to Meet’s concept, the Duo app could also allow its users to engage in live streaming and recording video calls in the near future. As of today, these features are in development. There’s the possibility that the aforementioned tools will be modified when they are launched within the Duo app. We’ll be keeping tabs on the news for you. Bookmark our website and come back for more updates. Have anything to add on the topic? Speak up in the comments below.