When a character becomes popular, everyone wants them in their crossover projects, mostly games. Usually, this is practiced by playgrounds like Fortnite or Monster Hunter: World. This time, though, both the guest and the inviting party will be unusual: Aloy of Horizon Zero Dawn is making her way to Genshin Impact.

The heroine has become famous since her first appearance in Horizon Zero Dawn. She is also to appear in its upcoming sequel, Horizon Forbidden West. The heroine is born into a postapocalyptic world in the XXXI century, searching for the secret of her roots and her mother’s identity. This quest is pushing the red-haired heroine to the warrior’s path, so she can both establish herself as a leader and fight robots that have taken over the world.

The character will join the available roster of Genshin Impact characters on September 1, 2021, but only for the PlayStation version, and only then on other platforms. All the players will receive playable Aloy for free and be able to include her in their parties as soon as they reach Adventurer Rank 20. The nature of the crossover is so far unknown: Genshin Impact is a fantasy-set game, while the Horizon series narrative is an example of hard science fiction. 

It’s not the first time Aloy is spotted outside her home project. She has become a playable character in the aforementioned Monster Hunter: World and Fortnite. In addition, she appeared in Astro’s Playroom. These games, though, have been designed to feature cameos from the beginning, while Genshin Impact has been a game with its own independent universe and storyline.

Many players of both franchises are already curious how Aloy will fit in this inorganic setting. Her appearance, anyway, has been revamped to look more natural. Her moves have also become smoother. As for the storyline that led her there, it’s yet to be revealed.