The appeal of Genshin Impact includes the anticipation of new regions; what will it be the next time? As it’s out, fans spend endless hours exploring it and rarely does one get disappointed. The new region named Sumeru is not in the game yet, and it is not even officially announced, but the leak has already revealed its release date.

According to the leak, Sumeru will be introduced in Genshin Impact 3.0, which is due to arrive on August 3. Quite a long time to wait, but making a new region, with its biomes, inhabitants, and culture isn’t that easy. Long planning (which is not so long, in fact) is logical for miHoYo, given that the army of Genshin Impact fans has already expressed its tastes.

Speaking of Archons around which various nations and regional cultures are built, Sumeru is all about wisdom, represented by its god. He is one of the Seven Archons, probably the youngest, yet he represents the virtue that’s usually attributed to elders. It is also known that this Archon is a Dendro one, capable of creating life in the desert. So the region may be full of grass and trees, forests and fields, though, of course, not jungle. The Dendro element will also be finally employed in the combat system, which will make it more diverse and fun, though it may need some rebalancing afterward.

The name is also telltale. While Mondstadt is obviously European, Inazuma Islands remind of Japan, and Inkanomiya is Chinese or Indochinese, the name Sumeru resembles Sumer, the earliest civilization on Earth that originated in the Fertile Crescent. Maybe we should also expect clay tables, desert around the green valley, and ancient ruins.

Are you a Genshin Impact player? Do you enjoy the most recent update, and are you looking forward to seeing the next one? How do you think Dendro will change the combat system? Let’s speak out our guesses in the comments!