While players start tasting the 2.4 update of Genshin Impact, with its new content, more characters, underwater locations, and performance improvements, there is something worrying about what’s to come in the next update. It’s no secret that one of the reasons the game is so much loved is its characters’ outfits; and, attractive to the audience, they can be disturbing to the censors.

A leak that appeared early in 2022 on Twitter started circulating in the community. It stated that the next update will censor some characters’ appearances. For example, Xiao would get his tattoos removed, Beidou her breasts covered more modestly, Yoimiya’s bandages would be changed into a kimono, Ningguang’s dress would not be split so high, and Raiden’s chest would also be covered. Later, though, these rumors were denied by both the gamers’ community and the officials.

Even as these rumors don’t appear to be true, they sound quite palatable. And no wonder, given the policy of Chinese authorities towards video games as an industry, including content censorship and playtime limitations. Being a Chinese business, miHoYo will have to comply if another regulation like this is issued.

The players’ community agrees that if there is ever an act of such censorship, it won’t be initiated by miHoYo, so it won’t be the developer’s fault. Still, there are also controversies between Chinese and global gamers, partly caused by differences in the content they get (the most prominent of recent events was the Honkai Bunny Girl Incident, around an event in Honkai Impact, another game by miHoYo). The publisher had to react to these movements among players, as it started to get out of control. But as we see with this rumor, sometimes the community needs no impact from the Chinese government or the publisher: it generates controversial events on its own.

What do you think about potential censorship in Genshin Impact and other games? Do you think this content needs to be censored, given the rest of it that remains? And did you like the recent 2.4 update of Genshin Impact? Let’s discuss it freely in the comments!