Operation: Sky Fire, the last event in Chapter 2, Season 7 takes Fortnite’s servers down until the arrival of Season 8. The grand closure of Season 7 took place on Sunday. It is the final word in the alien invasion theme of battle royale. Epic Games congratulated players for getting rid of aliens and celebrated it with the massive event. Players could save the entire world in Operation: Sky Fire.

About Sky Fire

The operation took place on September 12. It began at 4 pm EDT on Sunday. Everyone who entered the game on time was able to take part in the final rescue mission. Unlike some previous events, this one did not have repetitions. There was a unique playlist for the event which became available 30 minutes before the opening. Those who entered it on time were saved from standing in line for hours.

Epic has already warned Fortnite’s fans that all the quests connected to Season 7 must be completed before the event starts. Otherwise, you will be redeemed and not receive collectibles. Those who wanted to keep Superman-related collectibles had to finish Superman’s quests in advance too.

Season 8 will be released after the final event. There have not been so many details from Epic Games yet. The spaceship of the enemy was destroyed during Operation: Sky Fire. Meanwhile, the cargo survived. The giant cube Kevin, known from Chapter 1, was found inside the ship. Together with Kevin, there were small cubes on the ship, and now they are released. There is a clock that counts the time left before Season 8. According to the calculations, the new game starts this Monday, September 13. You can wait to see Kevin and other cubes on the island in the next several hours. Epic Games will reveal the new theme in the upcoming days.