Following the tradition of all seasons and chapters, Chapter 2, Season 8, ended with an epic event. The final battle with the Queen of Cubes took place on December 4th at 4 PM ET. The opening of a portal to a parallel reality and the horde of alien Caretakers attack will be remembered by many players for a long time.

At the end of this massive fight, the almighty Dwayne Johnson saved everyone by closing the portal. He could do it by turning the island upside down. Of course, such a move led to a devastating tsunami and technical work on the servers. Players were disconnected from the game, and instead of usual locations, they watched their characters floating in the middle of an ocean for some time.

The next day, Chapter 3, Season 1, began. Fortunately, unlike the end of Chapter 1, users didn't have to wait too long. The beginning of the new part gave players a new island, skills, skins, and much more. Now we all have an excellent opportunity to check those leaks that insiders, streamers, and bloggers have recently exaggerated.

As expected, a so-called winter biome has appeared in Fortnite, in which interesting things will take place as the snow melts. For fans of warmer weather, there are tropics and even an arid desert. The new part gave players more opportunities to explore the world. Now you can walk around the locations and if you want to relax or have fun with friends, set up a tent camp. Battle Royale winners now wear a brightly shining crown that the rest of the gamers want to seize. Of course, you also have new weapons, skins, movements, and lots of tasks.

Please share your impressions of the final event of Chapter 2 and the beginning of Chapter 3. What did you like, and what would you like to improve? Have you tried Spider-Man gloves yet?