FIFA 22, the largest edition of the world’s major football game, has just been rolled out. The Covid-19 pandemic delayed the release of last year’s edition, but it seems that nothing could stop the devs from launching the newest version of the football franchise in 2021. In this post, you’ll explore the latest news about FIFA 22. 

The trailer for the game hit the Internet in July, unveiling some brand new features and updated visuals. Keep reading and let us guide you through everything we’ve so far learned about the just-dropped newest edition of the EA Sports FIFA video game.

Let’s start with the new features that you’re free to pillage with FIFA 22. First, it’s something the devs call HyperMotion. You’ll enjoy it if you use PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and play Stadia versions of the title. HyperMotion is when you get motion captured in 11 vs 11 match settings, thus getting a much more dynamic, lifelike feel from the game than in FIFA 2021. Also, setting different attacking tactics based on the position of the ball is now possible. 

Furthermore, you can now form your own football club, make the most of the upgraded player growth system, enjoy tons of customization possibilities, and ultimately lead your team to huge successes. Game visuals have been significantly enhanced, which adds up to the overall realistic impression of the game, as well. 

With regards to the price, the standard version of FIFA 22 is $59.99. Along with the standard edition, special versions of the game are available. They feature extra content and are more expensive. FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition, for instance, is $99.99 on the Xbox and Playstation stores.

So, what are your thoughts on the news? Is FIFA 22 already on your wishlist? You’re welcome to share your two cents in the comment box below.