Reels turned out to be one of the most fruitful ideas by Meta in recent years. These short videos are popular both on Instagram and Facebook. Now, Meta is slowly introducing a long-expected tool for better involvement: reactions, similar to those we already use on Facebook and Messenger.

It seems illogical that users can comment or like videos on Reels, like they could on Facebook long ago, but cannot use advanced reactions. On Facebook, they were embraced by the community long ago, and now it’s hard to imagine a popular post with regular thumbs up only. As for Reels, this measure can really raise the involvement of the audience.

The tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, posted on March 18, though, reveals that Facebook does work in this direction, and Reels is going to get reactions sooner than we hope. There are seven reactions we are familiar with: long with the thumb, there are a heart, a “Care” embrace, an angry emoji, and all the others we use to react to posts and messages. To leave a reaction, you need (sorry, will need) to press and hold the button, then the options will pop up.

The comments show that users hope this addition will add more depth to Reels. It’s not revealed, though, when Facebook is to implement this feature. Probably it won’t be happening soon, as there hasn’t been an official announcement yet. Still, as the mobile app starts receiving new concealed features, this may only mean one thing. Facebook managers are determined to introduce this. Instagram reels, though, will remain the way they used to be, as reactions are not as widely used on this social media. So far, Instagram mostly allows likes and comments as forms of feedback.

With these reactions, will Facebook Reels be of more interest to you? Do you often use reactions to show your attitude towards Facebook statuses? Tell us what you think in the comments!