One of the most mysterious characters of Fortnite, some Midas with the golden touch, is back. The last time he participated in destroying the entire island. This time, his presence signifies golden bonuses for Fortnite players. The storyline is yet to be revealed. But special bundles that Epic has prepared are already announced.

The Shadows around whom the story revolves are, as the press release has it, “unlikely allies” found by Midas and brought together. All of them are here as his operatives in his network of “espionage, intrigue, and conquest.” Hence the name of the following story: The First Shadows. Their names are already known, and so are the dates of the meeting.

The very first Shadow, named The Burning Wolf, “the first enforcer,” arrives on September 30. The bonuses that come with him will include Burning Fangs Back Bling and Burning Fangs Pickaxe. The next one, “the first redeemed,” named Chaos Origins, is to appear on October 31. Finally, the last of the First Shadows and “the first pardoned”, Sierra, enters the island on November 30. If you’re in it to enjoy the story unfolding before your eyes, you need to receive all the packs as they build up into a single story. More than that: at the end of the promo season, you will get a special style bonus for each of the characters if you have collected all the Crew Bundles.

Little is known about the Shadows but their names. Their appearance is yet to be revealed, though Epic has left some hints in promo materials. So is the backstory, which can make material for a new comic book series.

One more thing: in order to receive all these bundles, you will need a Fortnite Crew subscription. In addition to these bundles, there will be extra bonuses in V-Bucks, as well as Battle Pass and various items included. It makes sense to subscribe in August, the Crew Bundle for this month including Summer Skye Outfit, a Back Bling, a pickaxe, and a couple of wraps.