Recently players noticed the reference to the Discord in the newly updated Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Nintendo has finally revealed the much-awaited update to the game. Players are busy with testing and checking all the changes that were made.

The most attentive players noticed the changes made in the gaming computer. One of the screens on it reveals the chat program that is currently running. You may also see the colorful shooter on the other screen. Since the picture is bright and clear we can even make suggestions about the game that is on. Players believe that there is a reference to the chatting app Discord, which you can notice on the first screen. The last two screens may depict the Splatoon first-person shooter, created by Nintendo. The game is team-based and it is highly possible that you open Discord to talk to your team while playing it. Although there is no official confirmation from Nintendo, we can still find similarities in the weapon the shooter offers.

Discord also did not miss the opportunity to comment on the new update to Animal Crossing. The company wrote “We’ve officially made it” on its official Twitter page right above the picture with the computer from the game. Users were quick to react to this tweet, saying that the only way to communicate in the game is by using Switch and how they would love to see the Discord there. They started to complain to Nintendo asking them to enable the Discord option for advanced communication between them, instead of the Switch Online app. Yet, Nintendo has not made any comments about this Easter Egg. It is highly unlikely that Discord will enter the game in the upcoming months.

Do you play Animal Crossing: New Horizon? Which updates do you enjoy the most and which were the revelations? You can share your thoughts in the comments below.