Reddit user CrispoKringle has recently shared a video on which they pass the Chamber of Starlight Legend Lost Sector in Destiny 2 in just 34 seconds, which seems to be a new world record for the game. Let’s figure out how CrispoKringle managed to do it.

Serious Loadout

As we can see from the clip, the player defeats several unstoppable champions one by one as well as the final boss. But how is that possible? All the way long, the player uses a short-range 1-2 Punch Shotgun, throwing hammers, and the Roaring Flames perk for boosted damage. As for the quick transportation across the level, it’s done with the Eager Edge sword that activates sword gliding. This way, the player beats the timer even faster and escapes the attacks of smaller enemies that don’t affect the count.

Other Builds

Destiny 2 offers a lot of options for creating custom builds that let the player pass challenges significantly faster. With the right build applied to a character, you can even one-shot enemies on high levels of difficulty, which is a great way to gain an advantage in both PvP and PvE modes. One player has even managed to defeat Grasp of Avarice boss in just a single hit, using a build with a shotgun, throwing hammers, and a Sunbreaker. There are actually no limits to customization of builds so that you can experiment and break records any way you like.

To More Records!

Applause to CrispoKringle and their impressive walkthrough of the Legend Lost Sector! What are your favorite builds in Destiny 2, by the way? And what are your personal records? If you know a better and faster way to pass this challenge, you’re welcome to tell me about it. Tell us what you think in the comments below and share this piece with other fans of the game on social networks.