It’s the final week of CoD League Champs, and though the year is far from being over, the contest definitely is wrapping up with this event. The final matches are to take place between August 4 and 7, and The Championship Weekend has already defined the names of the best teams that competed for the champion title.

The eight teams that made it to the final are London Royal Ravens, Seattle Surge, Los Angeles Thieves, Boston Breach, OpTic Texas, Toronto Ultra, Atlanta FaZe, and New York Subliners. No weak names are here, and every team enjoys support from its fans and streamers. Three of them have already won at least one of Major Vanguard tournaments: these are OpTic Texas, Seattle Surge, and Los Angeles Thieves (the most recent of champions). The fourth winner – Los Angeles Guerrillas – didn’t make it to the Champs.

The impressive prize pool is no less than $2.55 million, and the winners will receive $1.2 million, while the rest is to be distributed among the other contestants. The spectacular competition will be held in Galen Center, LA, and the tickets are still available.

The final match is set for August 7, and (at the moment of writing this) it’s not yet started. But we already know that the competition will be hard. Each team has its chance to become the champions, and those who have made it this far should see no dishonor in losing (yet it doesn’t mean they can relax, and we don’t expect it from any team).

Along with this, two All-Star teams made of the best members of all the participating teams will also show their skills. So far, the teams that have two of their representatives on the All-Star board are Atlanta FaZe, Seattle Surge, and OpTic Texas.
Who is your favorite in this battle? Will you attend the final battles or just watch the results? Or maybe you happen to be one of these famous esportsmen? Tell us what you think about it in the comments!