It’s a tradition that, as a new release is about to blow cinemas or streaming services, characters from it will appear on Fortnite. One of the most expected projects this December is The Book of Boba Fett on Disney+, a return to that iconic Star Wars character. But when should we expect his skin on Fortnite?

For all we know, Boba Fett will not show his face here. This is the way. His recognizable Mandalorian armor, though, will replicate the original version of him that we saw in the classic trilogy of Star Wars. That’s what we see in the official tweet by Fortnite, posted on November 12.

According to the same tweet, the skin will be available on December 24 at 7:00 PM ET – that is, today. Maybe by the time you are reading this the item has already arrived. So, check the store on Fortnite right now; maybe a surprise is already waiting.

While you are counting heartbeats till Boba Fett skin enters the store, you can enjoy cosmetics of The Spider-Man (in Tom Holland’s version) and MJ. The items appeared to support the cinematic release of The Spider-Man: No Way Home, another example of the multiverse where crossovers are almost as possible as on Fortnite.

As for the long-awaited show The Book of Boba Fett, it will become available on Disney+ on December 29. This year, it succeeds the highly successful The Mandalorian, where Boba Fett also appeared. Now this character, beloved by fans for decades, finally gets his own show. And if it’s as good as The Mandalorian, it’s a sign that the galaxy far far away should migrate to TV. So far, though,

Are you already waiting for Boba Fett cosmetics? Is that the way? What do you expect from the series, and would you rather watch it or play Fortnite for another hour? Anything about Star Wars is flammable, but nevertheless, let’s share our expectations in the comments!