Three days of the Fortnite’s Rift Tour with Ariana Grande set to headline – this is what Epic has revealed recently. There was unconfirmed information about this event before. But now it’s a sure fact that the Grammy-winning superstar will appear at the Fortnite premiere on August 6-8. 

Ariana Grande is not the first musician to collaborate with Fortnite. Last year, Travis Scott and J Balvin were the guests. During that concert, the number of concurrent viewers reached 12 million, and the full amount of views was about 27.7 million. The first concert with Marshmello got 10.7 million concurrent viewers in 2019. 

Besides the main shows, players will also be able to enjoy a new range of cosmetics provided by Ariana Grande. They will get several items by completing the in-game quests. The superstar skin and a Piggy Smallz Back Bling will be available in the game too. The first one includes a pig backpack that can move its head to the beat of the music. 

Ariana Grande said that it was great fun to work with the Epic team. And she can’t wait to meet her fans on 5 excellent shows that will be held from August 6 to August 8. 

Head of Brand at Epic Games Phil Rampulla reported that they are also grateful for such iconic cooperation. "Fortnite is a place for the imagination and the impossible. With the Rift Tour, we're bringing a musical journey to a life that players can experience, feel, and join alongside their friends," he added. 

The first show will take place on Friday, August 6 at 11 PM BST. Next day, there will be another one at 7 PM. On the last day of the Fortnite Rift Tour, there will be three shows held at 5 AM, 2 PM, and 11 PM BST. The organizers recommend turning the show on at least an hour earlier to enjoy the “Rift Tour Playlist”.