The popular Arcane show created by Netflix and Riot Games announced the launch of a second season. The first one ended in the cities of Piltover and Zaun with no clear answer as to where the events would unfold further. Among the many variants, there are those referenced by the developers.

Piltover's Police and Noxus

Among all the variations in the course of events, there are the most common and expected. Let's start with Caitlyn representing the law in Arcane and the fact that there is a higher authority that we have yet to see. Based on the 2019 film “Awaken,” an elite agent Camille is shown raiding the theater with the Piltover police. Arcane might go further with this.

It is also possible to continue in a meritocracy named Noxus based on the image of the historical Roman Empire. Through Mel’s mother, we learn about the empire and that it might soon show in the future. Noxus can easily appear on the show as the nation grows rapidly, and capturing the resource Piltover would make a tempting target.

Shurima and Ixtal

It is less likely but also possible that Shurima or Ixtal locations will appear in the series. Shurima is an empire forgotten by the world in the desert sands. The Arcane leads us to connect Shurima with the second season through crystals that Jayce and Viktor use to create an industrial revolution. Brackens from Shurima are the creators of these crystals, so there is a chance to see the story from the other side.

As for Ixtal, it is a new region, the nation of which was once part of the Shuriman empire. Ixtal's resources might become a target for Piltover's needs. All of these theories will only increase until the second season’s release in 2022, giving fans room for searching for new details. What is the next location for the Arcane story? Feel free to leave your comments, and share the article if you liked it!